The Client Closet

Every client has access to the Client Closet to customize their session.  While the gowns are built for maternity and fit sizes 2-18, they're incredibly stunning on non-maternity clients as well.

Video Slideshow

While this video does need updated to include some current gowns, it shows many popular options. 


The rainbow skirt

Additional Information

The Rainbow Skirt is just that, a skirt, so it goes with any gown in the collection.  It even looks amazing turned around so the split is in the back and paired with your favorite top of your own.

Any and all of the studio gowns are available to all MDP Clients and while they look amazing on expecting moms, they also are a great choice for parent/sibling images during newborn sessions or when you just want to wear a really pretty dress during your family portraits.

Clients are more than welcome to schedule a fitting at the studio to ensure they like the way the gowns fit on their body. Just message me and I'll get you in!

I strive to make you feel your best – Never feel afraid to ask me for help on what to wear, color choices, or even locations. I'm here to make sure your session is exactly as you envisioned it.  If you don't have a plan, don't worry! I can help with that too.

Company policies – While all the gowns are usually in the studio and ready-to-use, occasionally some are out to be cleaned and not available on short notice.  If you're planning to use a studio gown, make sure I know or else it might not be there for your session.

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