At the time, I lived in Marion, IN and I reached out to every photographer within a 2 hour radius asking for help to learn my camera....only one responded. Her name is Winter and she owns Four Seasons Photography in Wabash, IN.  She thought she was just going to teach a local mom how to use a camera, but instead, she encouraged me to begin this wild journey into capturing sweet moments and only letting moms cry HAPPY tears. She saw potential where I didn't even know there was possibility. 

This isn't the story of a little girl with a camera in her hand and a love for capturing moments....actually, it's more the tale of the exhausted mom of a severely colic baby that left a department store chain photography room in tears....only to run home, purchase her first DSLR camera, and begin the petty journey of "I'll at least do better than that."  I just wanted nice pictures of my kid, like all moms do, but no plans to BE a photographer.
Not everything is sunshine and rainbows...

MARIE Diane Photography

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"Fly on the wall" isn't for me. I like to crack the jokes that will get genuine laughs run wild with all the kids.

a big personality


I know that's pretty "photographer" of me to say, but I literally drink coffee morning, noon, and

a caffiene overload


Not only are my three best friends the rest of my cheer squad, they all have hands in MDP.

the best of friends


My husband has been one of my biggest cheerleaders in pushing myself with photography.

A strong love story


I'm Marie and that is Meadow, our youngest. You will most certainly meet her at one point as she's become the welcoming committee for all consults. 
My husband, Dennis, and I live in Harrison, OH with our three daughters, son-in-law, and our two grandbabies, Liam and Valerie!
My personality is BIG. I talk loud and excitedly all the time and I don't know a stranger, but I want to be best friends with everyone I meet!!

I love being a photographer in Cincinnati! I'm based in Harrison, OH (about 15 minutes west of downtown Cincy) and I travel all over the country for sessions. My biggest love in this industry is wedding photography and I've worked very hard to know how to control a crowd, pose the unpose-able, and really just have fun with my clients!

I support all love and am proudly an ally to the LGBTQ community.

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The second photographer for most weddings, Aleese has been trained by me and can easily match my energy to keep the fun going. She lives in Brookville with her husband and their two cuties.


My oldest daughter!
Emma will second at weddings when Aleese is unavailable as well as editing with me. She's well trained (by me) with a camera and has
an amazing eye for detail.


That handsome hubby of mine!  He's notorious for saying, "Just point at the heavy thing and tell me where to move the heavy thing."  And move them he does. None of the sets or props would be where they were if it weren't for this guy muscling them around.


The baby whisperer!  She may be at your newborn session at some point...especially if baby is fussy. Annette is one of my three best friends as well as my studio-mate. She's the owner of Ladyhawk Events and one of the highest rated event/wedding planners in the tri-state! 


The OG BFF, Anna has been my #1 cheerleader since MDP started in 2009.  Her wedding was the first thing I photographed other than my own kid and her energy goes into a large portion of the planning and promotion of MDP every year. 


The newest to the BFF trio, Brittany has been assisting behind the scenes for 3 years. She mostly runs the MDP Boudoir Group on Facebook and occasionally picks up Instagram posting for me when I'm overloaded with work.


Queen Bee of hair & makeup! Houston and I first met when she hired me to be her wedding photographer and I somehow convinced her to be my HMUA for all my sessions....but she's seriously AMAZING at what she does!  Here's her website!

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The Client Closet is a collection of gowns and lingerie for client use to take all the difficulty out of finding that amazing piece to pull your session together.

If you're familiar with Harrison, OH, then you know where Market Street Grille is in the Historical District of Harrison. The Marie Diane Photography studio is cuddled up right next door! I'm also across the street from Harrison Home Bakery....which does some major damage to my "let's eat healthy" lie that I tell Dennis weekly...


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