My philosophy is simple. 
I don't specialize in session types,
I specialize in people.

about Marie

I'm Marie and that is Meadow, our youngest. You will most certainly meet her at one point as she's become the welcoming committee for all consults.
My husband, Dennis, and I live in Harrison, OH with our three daughters, son-in-law, and our two grandbabies, Liam and Valerie!
My personality is BIG. I talk loud and excitedly all the time and I don't know a stranger, but I want to be best friends with everyone I meet!!

harrison, oh based photographer

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This isn't the story of a little girl with a camera in her hand and a love for capturing moments....actually, it's more the tale of the exhausted mom of a severely colic baby that left a department store chain photography room in tears....only to run home, purchase her first DSLR camera, and begin the petty journey of "I'll at least do better than that." I just wanted nice pictures of my kid, like all moms do, but no plans to BE a photographer.
Not everything is sunshine and rainbows...
Now I spend my days trying to ensure every person gets the service they need and the quality they deserve.

Harrison, oh based photographer

Every once in a while, in the middle of ordinary life,
love gives us a fairytale

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May 25-30
Oct 21-27
Columbus, OH

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wedding and portrait photography

Harrison, ohio