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How It Works

I believe in fun, I live for laughter, I'm obsessed with light, and I breathe for real moments.  There's nothing formal in my method. When I meet your children, we play and act goofy. I'll swap out eye-roll-worthy dad jokes and dance like a fool for good smiles. We will talk like friends and compare parent stories.
My goal is to be by your side and guide you through the process.  From our initial consult, we will plan out your session so it's custom to you. You'll have complete access to the Client Closet, we can text/message/email to perfect your wardrobe choices, and we pick the location that fits your style. If you have a location in mind, great!
The Sitting Fee is $250 and covers my time and talent.  A Maternity+Newborn Sitting Fee is $425.
The full print, album, wall art, and digital file pricing will be discussed at your initial consult before booking.
To ensure you are receiving the custom session you deserve, a consult is required.

The Consult

The Session

Your session is totally custom to you and we discuss that in length at your consult to ensure it. 
This is where we have all the fun.
Feel free to laugh at the bad jokes and random moments...that's how I capture the best smiles!
We're going to soak up all the delicious sunset light and make the most of every moment.

The OrderingSession

While this is where you purchase the images you'd like from your session, this most certainly is not a sales session. I sit behind you at my little desk and keep quiet unless you need my help.
The Ordering Session is where you'll first see the final images. You'll enjoy them in a slideshow before we begin the process of narrowing down, selecting favorites, designing albums, and having fun! There's no minimum purchase requirement and you're never pressured into "upgrades". I simply want you to go home with quality professional prints and albums instead of a gallery of digital images and no idea what to do with all of them.
(but, yes!, you certainly can get the digital files!)
Average client investment ranges from $900-$1,800. . While this is not required, it will guide you into your decision to invest in a boutique experience. Since you're at this point, that means you've read all the information! You can skip the contact section and just click here to schedule your consult directly.


Client Closet

Rainbow Skirt

The Emily












Pink Skirt


Mix & Match

You're welcome to mix & match the gowns however you'd like for your session!
New pieces are constantly being added in, so make sure to come back and check this page for new additions. 

It is highly recommended to try on any piece you're unsure of as there is no guarantee it will fit exactly as you'd like. 
You must let me know at least 48 hours before your session *all* of the pieces you'd like to wear so I can have them clean and ready. 

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