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The Consult

 Everything is planned out, down to which outfit is used at each location. I want you to know the full game plan and I encourage everyone to message/text me images of their outfits so we have a visual plan AND so I can help you if you need it. I am here to help YOU. You'll also get the opportunity to see all the products I offer as well as learn all about the software I have to help you in visualizing your images on your own walls.

Once you're booked, we work together to create a visual layout of the outfits you're planning for the session to create a solid timeline for the session!  
To ensure you are receiving the custom session you deserve, a consult is required.

The Session

My goal is to have as much fun as possible! There's tons of laughing and no rushing. We already made a great game plan during the consult and through those texts, so this is the part where we have the most fun. Most Senior packages include hair & makeup.

The Ordering Session

While this is where you purchase the images you'd like from your session, this most certainly is not a sales session. I sit behind you at my little desk and keep quiet unless you need my help.
The Ordering Session is where you'll first see the final images. You'll enjoy them in a slideshow before we begin the process of narrowing down, selecting favorites, designing albums, and having fun! There's no minimum purchase requirement and you're never pressured into "upgrades". I simply want you to go home with quality professional prints and albums instead of a gallery of digital images and no idea what to do with all of them.
(but, yes!, you certainly can get the digital files!)
Average client investment ranges from $1,200-$2,800. . While this is not required, it will guide you into your decision to invest in a boutique experience.
Since you're at this point, that means you've read all the information! You can skip the contact section and just click here to schedule your consult directly.

Have your hair & makeup done in the studio
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