The Hamiltons | Brookville IN Family Session

The phrase “let them be little” can be a real pain in the ass when you’re a parent.

In planning your family session, you’re stressed about all the details…especially knowing you’d like your kids to keep their outfits clean for at least 5 minutes into pictures. You hope your youngest doesn’t have an absolute meltdown because she’s shy around people and, please…for the love of cheesecake, no one let the oldest wear his new shirt until it’s absolutely time for him to wear it.

Let’s bring the new puppy too…

Our seasoned pro’s, the Hamilton family, luckily know the full meaning of trust the process.

The truth is, your kids aren’t going to perfect (because you properly taught them about strangers and….they’re kids), the dog is probably going to poop at the most inconvenient time, and, despite your best efforts, something will be forgotten. (In this case, it was Val’s shoes)

So what do you do?

Just embrace it. Just love those little wild moments that are YOU and know that those Pinterest boards are full of crap. THIS is your life. You make funny faces with the wild one to get him to smile. You take a walk with the kids when they need to get some energy out. You pull aside the shy one and let her warm up to her environment, because sometimes new is scary….but those moments are so so beautiful.

I know in the moment, you’re so frustrated that they’re acting up or being scared. They’re going to do that, it’s part of being a kid….and it’s ok if they do!

The Hamilton’s know the routine and know to roll with the punches…sometimes literally. We also have made a little tradition of capturing the crazy because the crazy is REAL.

But those moments between are just magical.

Mom & Dad always deserve pictures for themselves too!

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  1. These are awesome. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family..❤

  2. Taylor Jordan says:

    One of my favorite families! I love this gallery! You did a great job 🙂

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