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Some people are just pure sunshine, and I feel like Macie is one of those people. While she’s very much the quite one (at least, she was around me) there was no hesitation to do anything I asked of her…all while keeping her beaming personality. The heat may have kicked my butt, but Macie was […]

The Loveland Castle is an Ohio staple everyone should visit. While it is a small building, the history is huge! I had the advantage of a private tour (including locations the general public aren’t allowed to go) and got to hear all about the single man who started this adventure and the Boy Scout troops […]

You know, I didn’t know what a drum major was until this consult? LUCKILY I was introduced to the sweetest Harrison High Senior that happily explained to me what it meant…and also excitedly told me about her idea of being a “dancing scientist” for her session. LiLi wants to go into Biomedical Lab Diagnostics (say […]

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