Shane+Erin – November Wedding

Rarely does a wedding have so many chill people. In fact, there’s almost always someone in a panic…except at the Peter’s wedding. The guys were cool as cucumbers and the ladies were all smiles. Honestly, only the November weather was a pain in the ass that day but, with a little bit of hustle on all parts, we still got it done!

And can we talk about that first ring shot? Probably the coolest one I’ve done so far!
*pats self on back*

Erin’s mom (Brookville’s favorite pre-school teacher) was given this sweet napkin. When I tell you this woman is the sweetest and most attentive “doting mother of the bride”, I mean it. EVERYONE felt that love that day.

Erin, as always, was her charming and darling self the entire day. The cold weather was no match for that warm personality and million dollar smile. I must be getting old because these brides have really gotten me teary eyed lately.

As fate would have it, the Moster family property was being pushed back a week on closing, so we were able to beat the (hidden in the clouds) sunset and get some final images in that beautiful yard before it belonged to it’s new family. It was bittersweet and lovely.

Aside from a very unfortunate incident on the dance floor (a young woman was injured while dancing) the night went off without a hitch! We even snuck outside the RomWeber to get some night shots.

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