Hayley+Johnny | Brookville, Indiana Engagement

In the middle of this brutal heat wave, we found shelter in the hills of Franklin County and {luckily} got a little breeze to help us survive.

Hayley and Johnny have a beautiful creek at the bottom of their property too, and Hayley was determined to climb through the very overgrown woods to get to it!

Link to Hayley’s white hat
Link to Hayley’s green dress

Did you make it all the way down here? Leave a comment!

  1. Missy Loos says:

    soooo beautiful!!! ❤❤

  2. Stacey says:

    These are AMAZING!!!! Love them all!

  3. Amber says:

    Beautiful couple that look at home in their element! Breath taking love in these pictures

  4. Crystal & Billy says:

    They look beautiful Hayley!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Fantastic photos. Absolutely love the white lacy dress and hat!

  6. Carly Winters says:

    Beautiful picture 🧡

  7. Charla says:

    Beautiful love them all ❤️

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