Newport Aquarium Wedding – The Hullemeyer’s

What better way to spend the 4th of July than at the Newport Aquarium for a wedding?!? The summer heat may have been insane, but this wedding party were cool as sea cucumbers.

I’m sorry, that was a terrible pun.

I’ve literally known Grace since she was a little kid…it’s WILD to say it out loud. She use to come into CVS (where I worked) and talked my ear off. When she reached out a year ago for her wedding, I was beyond thrilled to not only hear from her again, but that she picked ME to be her photographer. Tyler only needed to see a few images from the website to be convinced himself.

Venue: Newport Aquarium

I never knew I wanted an octopus tentacle pin until I saw that tie clip.

Instead of a traditional reception, Grace and Tyler opted to keep it to a simple dinner and two animal interactions through the aquarium. I’m only sad I wasn’t allowed to hug the penguin.

animal interaction at newport aquarium

Now…the coolest part BY FAR was being allowed to explore the actual aquarium and take photos. Since their wedding was during open hours, we did have to balance with getting the shot and not blocking the other guests, but 99.9% of the guests were just the sweetest most patient humans you could ask for… but to that .01% guy… I hope your favorite socks get a hole in the big toe.
I’m joking….kinda.

Wedding pose inside aquarium tunnel

That group image in the tunnel was totally worth it and, if you were one of the people patiently waiting at the opening of the tunnel until I got the shot, I send you all my forever love. Real MVP vibes.

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