Brianne+Matt – Willow Event Center

Thank goodness for husbands that like to drive! This is the furthest away venue for 2022 (because I sadly didn’t have any destination weddings this year) but The Willow Event Center in Winchester, OH is certainly worth the 1.5 hour drive! Brianne and Matt wanted their engagement session at their wedding venue, so we could duplicate poses at their November wedding and the summer sun made for the dreamiest of evening light!

It’s funny….I usually book two different types of clients:
The big personalities that match my energy and are constantly moving….and then there’s the ones like these two.
Calm and gentle. They bring romantic vibes to harmonize with my excited personality and it creates this melody of dramatic settings with fairytale results. I couldn’t be happier!

Along with the vintage vehicles tucked away in the woods, the “back yard” of Willow Event Center (Winchester, OH) is equipped with a mature willow tree, pond, swing, mini bridge, and all the country views a couple could ask for!

It doesn’t look like the Winchester, OH Willow Event Center has a website yet (it’s new) but here is their Facebook Page

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