Macie – 2022 FCHS Senior | Brookville IN

Some people are just pure sunshine, and I feel like Macie is one of those people.

While she’s very much the quite one (at least, she was around me) there was no hesitation to do anything I asked of her…all while keeping her beaming personality. The heat may have kicked my butt, but Macie was a shining star.

We traveled all over Franklin County, IN for the perfect locations…and even a few surprise spots! Those lavender bushes weren’t part of the plan, neither was the amazing blue car….but this is why your consult and planning are so vitally important. I had all the main locations already planned along with Macie’s wardrobes (I call it a Visual Timeline) so all we had to do was make some minor adjustments in order to fit in the few surprises we found. It makes for such a stress-FREE day!

Hair/Makeup by Houston Wilson Makeup

And that fantastic car? It was a totally random find…I literally stood in the road to flag him down and ask if we could do pictures with it.

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