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Before we get into the first-ever MDP Couples Boudoir session: let’s hit some super common questions first…. because I know you want to ask them.

  • Is my boudoir/couples boudoir session going to be post on social media/blog/website?

ONLY with your written permission, and you’re welcome to revoke that permission at any time. Some people wait until after their Ordering Session to decide if they’ll be posted. Some people decide that they only want non-identity-revealing images posted. Many many clients choose to never have their images posted, and that’s exactly what I do. Your privacy is super important to me.

  • What happens if things “pop up”?

It’s mostly ignored unless it’s really bothering you and you need a minute to cool off. MOST people are so focused on the nervousness of the session (or all the funny things we’re talking about) to even get aroused in the moment. A lot of this work is very structured, but if you do, no worries!

  • What do either of us wear?

That’s 100% custom to each couple and certainly covered in your initial consult. We will cover all the bases so you know exactly what will happen, what to wear, and when it will happen before it really does.

  • How “intimate” does this get?

There is a difference between boudoir photography and erotica photography. The MAIN difference, erotica involves touching/insertion of exposed genitalia. For now, I do not photograph erotica.

  • Where do we do the session?

My studio is in Harrison, OH, but I can travel anywhere. Yes, there’s a travel/rental fee.

  • What about my acne?


  • Will you help me pose?

OF COURSE!!! I literally get in most of the poses ahead of time because I’m a visual learner/teacher. If I can’t show you the exact pose, I know how to walk you through the steps to get the desired look.

  • How naked am I getting?

100% up to you. You can decide ahead of time, you can decide as we go along! I base what I do off your comfort levels and I will NEVER pressure you to be more exposed than you’re alright with.

  • What’s the purpose of this type of shoot?

I get it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. This is your warning now that there WILL be images and, no, it’s not porn. There’s actually nothing more showing than there is at the beach.

And if you have issues with what people wear at the beach, I most certainly am not your cup of tea.

But right here, THIS is the dream reason people come to me for a couples boudoir session. I had a model call, Kayla’s response really screamed to my heart. I needed to show this darling mom of two wild boys that she’s still a smoke show woman. Could a traditional boudoir session have accomplished this?

Ehhh maybe.

Probably not. At least, not to this level. Honestly, Kayla’s post in the Facebook Group speaks for itself.

*Let me shout from the rooftops why you should do a couples boudoir shoot!* it’s a long one but hopefully worth the read.I told Marie this shoot felt like a really really HOT team building exercise 😂We have been like teenagers fresh in love this week. I felt like this experience reignited something in us that can often get dampened by this phase of parenthood where our kids are just EXHAUSTING, the demands of work, demands of housework, demands of trying to make time for family and friends while still trying to find “downtime”, and the big one- LOW SELF- ESTEEM. When Marie posted about couples boudoir I thought, “maybe I CAN do this”. I’m never SUPER comfortable in my own skin but no one makes me feel more safe or comfortable than Eric. So I signed up for the model call. And I’m SO glad we were picked.I have sat on the sidelines of this group for awhile. Thinking to myself “I wish I had the confidence to do this”, “if I could just lose X amount of weight, maybe I’ll finally do it”. BUT There is something to be said for doing it RIGHT NOW- in the skin you are currently in. I am easily at my heaviest, I live in lounge clothes, and my hair stays in a messy bun about 80% of the time. Sometimes I walk by my reflection in the mirror and I don’t even recognize the person staring back at me. I won’t deny that I’m extremely lucky as far as partners go. Eric is one of the “good ones”. He’s always been the affectionate, “dance with you in the kitchen” type of husband and not a day goes by that he doesn’t walk in from work, scoop me into a hug and says to our boys “isn’t mommy the prettiest girl in the world?”🥺 BUT it’s hard to feel pretty and It’s hard to BE “sexy” in the moment or believe your partner when they call you pretty or “sexy” when you don’t FEEL “sexy”, you know? So, It’s a feeling I can’t quite describe to see yourself in pictures like this and actually feel GOOD about what you see. It helps adjust your mindset about how you see yourself in a “sexy setting” and It’s something else altogether to see yourself and your spouse like this. 😏 it’s like a really HOT 🥵 reminder that we are STILL US and we still have it and “hey, I really DONT look like a troll wrapped in his arms” 😂😅We had SO. MUCH. FUN. I was laughing so much I almost forgot I was in sheer lingerie in front of a camera. If eric has said it once he’s said it a million times that he LOVES seeing me feel a little more confident and loves to have me see myself the same way he always sees me in his eyes. He was glad for the contest discount of course but said it would have been worth the investment either way just to have me feel a little better about myself.I’ve been rambling and if you read this far, thanks – so anyway- grab your partner and go get naked or almost naked with Marie. It’s lots of fun and good for the soul and stuff! 😂😂

– Kayla

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