Casey+Mikey | Cincinnati Engagement

Cincinnati Murals and Ault Park Engagement Session

Not everything goes as planned and sometimes, you just have to go with the flow.

Initially, we had the most perfect weather and every intention to have their sunset at the Cincinnati Zoo during the tulips bloom….except none of us realized the zoo closes at 5.
Honestly, how did I not know that?

To start the session, Casey and Mike wanted to incorporate very specific murals. Each had a special meaning to them and it was so fun to listen to the stories. Sometimes it was as simple as “these are all the things we grew up on. These are the toys of our childhood.”

Music is always an important part of our souls, and Mikey is a big James Brown fan. I’ve noticed with most couples, it’s only one of the two that’s excited about the engagement session, so it’s always refreshing to see both selecting locations and sharing the excitement.

Next we adventured over to Ault Park! I rarely get to photograph here (probably because I’m on the west side) so it’s always a huge treat.

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