Don’t Get Hacked – Facebook Edition

So as many of you have learned through Facebook and Instagram, my personal page was hacked.

Not only that, the culprit posted vile images that possibly has my account permanently banned.

Now, lucky for me, I had additional admins on my pages and groups, so all hope wasn’t lost for those, but the YEARS of posts on my personal page about my girls, vacations, funny meme, those memories are GONE. I doubt I’ll ever get them back.

There’s an exception. I was smart enough to back up my personal images a long time ago…so, for the most part, I should have all those at least. (if you have an Amazon Prime account, please look into using your Amazon Photos feature. It’s free and unlimited photos can be backed up)

So here’s what happened.

I started noticing a TON of emails with “account recovery” stuff. I, stupidly, ignored them until yesterday morning when I decided to go into Facebook, change my password, and log all additional accounts out. What I DIDN’T do, or think to do, was also change my email password. That has to be how they still got in so easily.
At 10pm on 6/9/22, they posted super graphic images that flagged my account.
At 8am 6/10/22, they were running ads on the MDP Boudoir Facebook page that cost me $125 before I was able to call Paypal and stop it. They put a dispute in to get that money back as well. I still can’t access that page and, truly, I’m washing my hands of it. I deleted the images on the Instagram account for it and will only be posting in the Boudoir Group again. It’s safer there.

Thanks to Brittany and Anna for their quick work on making sure the main MDP Page, the Boudoir Group, and the VIP group were kept safe!

If you have your own pages and groups, MAKE SURE TO HAVE ADDITIONAL ADMINS!!
And maybe change your passwords now while it’s fresh in your mind.

Facebook doesn’t care about you at all. If they did, there would be a way to appeal this where I can prove myself. I am truly heartbroken.

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