Hunny Creek Haven Wedding – Robert+Megan

Before you look at their stunning wedding, click here to see their engagement session!

Oh boy…this wedding had some roller coaster moments…buckle up because there are TONNNSS of images in this blog post!
Before we talk about the momentary bad, let’s give an honorable mention to the people of Hunny Creek Haven for truly showing what client appreciation looks like and going above and beyond in a moment that could have ruined the evening.

Venue: Hunny Creek Haven
Videographer: Keri Meal Photo & Video
Florist: The Rustic Petal
Cake/Cupcakes: Mollie Stephens
DJ: Brian Vanover
Photobooth: Oh Snap! Photobooth
Bridal Party Attire: Rouge Bridal
Wedding Dress: The Wedding Studio Greenwood

The day started off like most days in September do…hot. BUT Hunny Creek Haven is in the fields of Indiana, and Indiana is never shy with the good breezes. Megan and Robert opted to not see each other before the ceremony, so we planned their timeline to get details, Megan with the girls, Robert with the guys, and their “first touch” pre-ceremony.

If you know me, you know I’m a fan of first looks. It doesn’t always have to be the wedding couple, either.

When Megan was ready to get into her dress, I asked the bridesmaids to wait outside the room. They shut their eyes while we splayed out the train in the perfect light and, well, the rest is history.

Megan also had her first look with her dad and EVEN THOUGH he didn’t produce the big tears everyone said he’d spill, he was still pretty emotional about seeing his girl all grown up. She gifted him an engraved pocket knife too.

Robert and Megan opted for a First Touch to exchange their handwritten vows as well as some gifts.

You know those perfect days with big fat fluffy clouds that make the shade and the breeze feel like pure heaven? That happened as soon as Megan and her bridesmaids walked outside for their images.
And just wait until you see the sunset.

Hunny Creek Haven’s outdoor ceremony spot is just perfect. Seeing Robert cry as Megan walked down the aisle really got me….I must be getting old.

And here’s where things got a little….well…crappy.

It turns out, the couple hired Owl Creek Catering which, if you try to look them up now, they’ve wiped all their social media presence….I’d assume because their track record of not showing up to paid events has finally caught up to them. Not only did the owner, Andi Keller, not show up with the rest of the food like she was suppose to do, not ONLY did she “hire” help (who all arrived on time) and didn’t pay them, but she ALSO has done this to SEVERAL other couples. The week following their wedding, Megan began posting all over social media about Andi and, sadly, many couples reached out saying the same happened to them. What’s most heartbreaking is that there weren’t any red flags leading up to it. They signed a contract, had fairly decent communication, and lots of recommendations for Owl Creek Catering from people online.

This is where the owner of Hunny Creek Haven, Katrina, came swooping in to save the day. She arranged to have the rest of the food made and delivered from a local restaurant with only a 30ish minute hiccup in the timeline and (most) of the guests none the wiser. The rest of the night went without any issues!

I say it EVERY time….Indiana has the best sunsets.
Also….I went overboard on selecting from this gallery…you’re welcome.

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  1. Megan Allen says:

    WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! Thank you Marie for being amazing.

  2. Delores Hampton says:

    The photographs are awesome. Megan and Robert will be able to relive memories forever through the pictures.

  3. Mollie says:

    These are absolutely stunning!!!

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