Halloween Boudoir – Keisha+Matt

Before we begin this fun journey of adventuring through this session, I’m going to begin with this:
There’s zero tolerance for any ignorance or negativity. If you don’t like boudoir, don’t read this blog. If you don’t like tattoos, motorcycles, lingerie, naked butts, anything related to paganism/witchcraft/skulls, then don’t read this blog. I create and write my own blog post, so there’s no one for you to report or complain to.

warning sign for boudoir images

Keisha is one of my favorite humans. MANY years ago, she was probably my first boudoir session (if not THE first, one of the first 5) and, earlier this year, she did a couples boudoir session with her husband, Matt. Since he has a background in photography, we immediately became besties and talk shop quite little a bit…ok a lot…

I messaged Keisha with a Halloween Boudoir vision I wanted to do for a creepy Halloween vibe boudoir. Mostly of Keisha, but a couple cool ones with Matt as well. Think….witch of the woods and the guy she’s about to sacrifice….and Tony, that’s the skull.

Then, of course, we had to get some cool shots with Matt’s motorcycle. You can see the Tiktok video here!

So the couple has a few acres in Indiana and trails running through their woods, which was super fun since some locations, like this first set, were in an area they named “Dead Wood”. How freaking fitting.

Never have I had to try so hard to NOT make an image warm and colorful….and some,
I just couldn’t help it.

AND THEN…the two photography nerds played with strobe lights and color changing LED lights.

This is what happens when you have adult money, cool props, and the best model out there.

halloween boudoir led light painting cincinnati ohio

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  1. Malissa Bradburn says:

    These are all incredible! I love them!

  2. Lauren Schwegler says:

    These are so fun!! I’m obsessed!

  3. Jessica Baker says:

    These are amazing!!! Could think of a more perfect couple for this shoot!

  4. Anna Mullikin says:

    I think the ones of them on the bike are my favorites! Amazing job!!

  5. Clarissa says:

    This shoot was brilliant! Absolutely love🖤

  6. Richele says:

    Stunning ⭐ Great collaboration between both the subjects and the photographer!

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