Eden Park Engagement – Andrea+Brendan

We started the day meeting at Andrea & Brendan’s home to incorporate their two SUPER CUTE puppers. Patrick (the long hair goodest boi) was my best friend….Teddy was pretty unsure with me, but I won his heart in the end.

Now, when Andrea broke out a champagne bottle with a vision, the boys were NOT impressed.

failed champagne image with dog running away

Of course, Teddy was on a mad dash of the zoomies after that, but some apology treats, snuggles, and praise and they were happy to pose for a non-champagne picture.

After everything and everyone were thoroughly covered in champagne spray, we made our way to Woodburn Brewing. This isn’t just a typical bar.
Not only does this place have a really cool vibe with plenty of Cincinnati-pride touches, but Andrea & Brendan had their first date here and, a little while later, Brendan arranged for all their friends and family to be at the bar for his surprise proposal to Andrea.
Look if you haven’t caught on yet, these two are just darling.

The cold didn’t phase us much as we explored an almost empty Eden Park Overlook, one of my favorite tiny parks!

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