Noah+Lauryn – Broken Arrow Farm

Photographer: Marie Diane Photography
Venue: Broken Arrow Farm
HMUA: Grace Radiant Beauty
DJ: Douglas Adams Entertainment

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When someone within the wedding industry is getting married…well…it’s extra, but in the BEST way! Lauryn is an event planner herself and knew Broken Arrow Farms was her perfect blend of bright and rustic. Noah had to make sure his wedding venue fit his laid-back style and had plenty of room for the party!
Just WAIT until you see the sunset images though!
I may have gone overboard on images for this blog, but TRULY I couldn’t narrow it down any more.

Lauryn is the type that is pure sunshine. She’ll talk your ear off (which is perfectly wonderful to me) and a smile never leaves her face. While Noah can be chatty, on his wedding day he was a quiet ball of nerves. He loosened up a touch when I collected him and the groomsmen for their pictures…especially once the cigars came out!

Now Lauryn, she was her normal chatty self, but you could hear the anxiety behind it. It was darling to watch two people be so nervous to see the other when they’ve been inseparable for years.
Her mom and Maid of Honor got her ready for the First Looks with both the bridesmaids AND dad….tears everywhere!

The sun kept pouring as the ceremony kicked off! There were few dry eyes and so so much love.
Instead of a sand or candle unity ceremony, a branding iron was used to burn their new initial into a wooden plaque. Smelled so good!

Following their ceremony, we took the family pictures, some bridal party pictures, and then the team at Broken Arrow had a side-by-side ready for the couple, Aleese, and myself to adventure around the property to chase that light I love so much! Honestly…we haven’t even gotten to the best part.

The further this day went on, the more I thought, “Ok, this has to be the best part of the day. It can’t get better than this, right?” Boy….I was so wrong!!
Remember when I mentioned Lauryn is a planner herself? Well her love for detail really showed in the literal details of the day and Aleese and I had a blast capturing each one.

And while the introductions were hilarious, the knife broke during the cake cutting, and the speeches full of tears and jokes, it was the Father-Daughter choreographed dance that really set the tone for the reception!

With the help from Kahla, the owner of Broken Arrow Farm, and Doug from Douglas Adams Entertainment, the party kept going while I grabbed the wedding party for those sunset images I just love so much!

Then back to the party without anyone noticing we were even missing

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  1. Great storytelling both written & visually! Loved Working with you!

  2. Katherine Jonson says:

    Such a beautiful wedding!! Great pics. Especially the sunset!

  3. Diane Leeke says:

    Wonderful!!Beautiful !

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